Server Info

All the features included in our Game Experience are shown bellow.

Features Included
Feature Description
Version Season 13 Part 2
Opening date 2018-11-21
Experience 100x
Drop 30%
Reset Level 400
Reset Clear Stats Yes
Reset Clear Skills No
Reset Allow Items Equipped Yes
Bonus Point for each Reset 450
Required Zen per Reset 1.000.000
Reset Keep Master Level Yes
Max Master Level 520
Reward for each Reset 30 Goblin Points
Bless Bug No
Antihack System Yes
MU Helper Yes
MU Helper Required Level 1
Off Trade Yes
Reconnect Yes
Cash Shop In-Game Yes
Multi Client Allowed
Multi Client Max Connections Unlimited
In-Game Commands
Command Syntax Description
/post "message" Allow you to chat in global with all players
/addstr "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in strength
/addagi "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in agility
/addvit "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in vitality
/addene "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in energy
/addcmd "X" Allow you to add "X" stats in command
/prop "player" Allows to propose a marry to other player
/accept Allows to accept marry proposal
/teleport Teleports yourself to your marriage partner
/divorce Allows to take divorce
/offtrade Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
/setparty "password" Allows to set password for AutoParty system, (password 4-10 characters)
/lock "password" Allows to set a secondary password to your Account to protect it, (only digits are allowed)
/unlock "password" Allows to unlock your Account if it is currently in a lock status